Terms & Conditions for Local Community Fund applications made from 3 May 2022

By sending us your application for funding from Co-op's Local Community Fund, you're agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Important: Once you've submitted your application, you cannot make any changes to the project or your plans later on – unless you get our permission, in writing, before you change it. You can write to us at: communityteam@coop.co.uk

In these terms and conditions:

Application means the form you filled in, asking us for funding

Giving period means the period of time when we collect contributions from Co-op members and let them choose which project they want to support (usually 12 months, but it can vary)

Grant means the money we give you

Project means the project you've described in your application

We, us, our means Co-operative Group Limited and our affiliates, including our employees and partners

You and your means the organisation you've named in your application

The application process

By filling in the application you're applying for a grant. But you accept that you might not be successful in your application and our decision is final.

If we need any more information from you, we'll email you at the email addresses you’ve provided.

After we've reviewed all applications, we'll choose up to 3 projects to support in each community over the next giving period (usually 12 months, but it can vary).

Unfortunately, because we get so many applications, we cannot give everyone individual feedback on their application.

We'll display the projects in store and online, so our members can choose which project they want to support in the community.

We will transfer your grant directly into your bank account, which must be in your organisation’s registered name. We aim to make 1 payment, in full, within 6 weeks of the end of the Giving period.

Who can apply

To apply, you must meet the organisation requirements set out by Co-op's Local Community Fund.

Your cause and your Project also need to be in keeping with Co-op's values.

You can make an application if your Project:

  • brings people together to access food
  • helps improve people’s mental wellbeing
  • creates opportunities for young people to be heard and make a difference
  • helps people protect local biodiversity or tackle change by reducing carbon emissions

We'll also give priority to local charities and other organisations with an income of less than £1 million a year.

We’ll only consider one application per organisation, per giving period (usually 12 months, but it can vary).

This means we will not consider multiple applications from the same organisation in a giving period for different local communities.

Contact details submitted on the Application must be those of the local people managing and delivering the Project applied for.

We will not consider any applications which involve:

  • promoting any political activities or causes
  • promoting any religious beliefs (but we will consider projects led by religious organisations, if they're for the good of the whole community)
  • funding salaries and overheads that are not directly related to delivering the Project you are applying for
  • giving our grant to other people or organisations (onward grant making)
  • projects that have already happened or will be finished before the giving period ends
  • projects that public authorities (for example, the council) are responsible for, by law
  • sponsored events
  • overseas projects
  • projects which, in our opinion, could harm the reputation of the Co-op or the Local Community Fund

If you're successful

Any money you get from us is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Our contract with you

  1. Your application is approved when we write to you to confirm you'll be getting a Grant (which may be by email).
  2. By accepting your Grant, you're also agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. What you agree

  1. Only you can spend your Grant. You can only use it to carry out your Project, which must be for charitable purposes and for the good of the whole community.
  2. You agree to act in good faith (for example, you agree not to give us false, inaccurate or misleading information about your Project or use your Grant for anything other than what you've said you'll be using it for).
  3. You agree:
    1. To keep clear and accurate records, showing exactly what you've spent your Grant on – and share them with us within five working days, if we ask you to
    2. To get whatever permissions you need (consents or approvals) before carrying out your Project, keeping them up to date and complying with them.

3. Giving period

  1. If and when we approve your application, you'll be eligible to start building up your Grant over the course of that giving period. How much you get depends on how much members allocate to you.
  2. You'll get your final Grant payment within 6 weeks of the end of the giving period. We will pay this directly into your bank account.

4. Taking your grant back

We have the right to ask you to pay back all or any part of your Grant, if we think you've:

  1. Spent all or part of it on anything other than the Project.
  2. Used it in a way that goes against the aims of the Local Community Fund or these terms and conditions.

5. Progress reports

  1. We'll ask you to report who benefits from your Project and how it's making a difference to their lives. You agree to give these reports to us promptly, in the form we've asked for.
  2. We may use your reports for reporting purposes or to publicise the Local Community Fund.
  3. If we ask to meet with a representative from your organisation, they have to do it within a reasonable timeframe, as long as we give you reasonable notice.
  4. You must also give us any extra information or documents we ask for (within reason) to prove that you've used your grant in line with these terms and conditions.
  5. Once the Project is over, you have to submit a post-project report, in the form we've asked for. We may also ask you for updates after the project is over, from time to time.

6. Publicity and marketing

  1. We'll publicise the successful projects online and in store, as part of our Local Community Fund promotion. You agree that we can use any of the information and images you've given us in any of our publicity or marketing – either within Co-op (members and customers), or outside (the media, or the general public).
  2. You agree that we can edit or change the wording of any written content you give us, to fit the Co-op tone of voice guidelines.
  3. You agree to use opportunities to raise awareness of your cause in store – around every 3 months, as invited by Co-op colleagues in your community.
  4. To aid the promotion of your cause, you agree to let your supporters and people in your community know that they can support your cause using (among other methods and where appropriate for your cause):
    1. posters in your community
    2. newsletters and emails
    3. social media (if your cause has a social media presence)
    4. website banners
  5. You agree to follow our brand guidelines (which we'll give you) whenever you mention Co-op or Local Community Fund in your own publicity or marketing. You also agree to use the guidelines and resources provided in the Local Community Fund ‘How to get started’ guide to help you promote your involvement with the fund. While Co-op will try and help with promotion you are responsible for taking an active role to promote your cause.
  6. If you give us any photographs, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, you grant us a worldwide, irrevocable (you can't take it back), perpetual (it's forever) licence to use, publish and reproduce them – in any media, anywhere in the world.
  7. For any photos, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property rights you give us, you warrant and represent (you state) that:
    1. You – and only you – own them.
    2. You have the right to give us the licence to use them, as we've described in clause 6.6.
    3. You have the permission of anyone who appears in a photo that we can use it.
    4. If any person in a photo is under 18, you have their parent or legal guardian's permission that we can use it.
    5. They don't infringe anyone else's intellectual property rights.

7. Ending our contract

  1. Our contract with you will continue until you've spent all the money we've given you on the Project, and we've finished doing any marketing around it.
  2. We may choose not to pay you any or all of your Grant and/or end our contract with you immediately if:
    1. You break any of these terms and conditions
    2. You stop trading or cannot pay your debts (for example, if you go into liquidation or come to an arrangement with your creditors)
    3. You do something we think could do serious damage to our brand, our reputation or goodwill (whether it's connected to the project or not)
    4. You aren't able to do what these terms and conditions say you have to do.

8. Your data

  1. All the information and data you give us (including personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 2018) about the project will still belong to you (or your licensors), but you agree that we and our agents have the right to use it however we choose (for example: statistical analysis, market research, marketing and publicity, or auditing).
  2. Before you pass data on to us, you need to tell whoever the data is about that we (and anyone working for us) will be able to see it and use it, and get their consent for that.

9. VAT

At the moment, your grant is not subject to VAT. If that should change, then the Grant you get will include VAT.

10. Other things you should know

  1. Whenever we're doing any marketing to raise funds for the Local Community Fund, we'll:

    1. Act responsibly, in line with the relevant laws and regulations – and, where appropriate, any guidelines (for example, the Fundraising Standards Board's guidelines)
    2. Make sure all our members have access to full and transparent information around the Local Community Fund scheme (including members with disabilities or special needs)
    3. Make sure the way we do our fundraising does not (within reason): (i) Intrude on anyone's privacy (ii) Involve repeatedly asking or pestering people to give us money or anything else (iii) Put pressure on anyone to give us money or anything else.
  2. You understand that we can only guarantee to pay you your grant as long as there are enough funds in the Local Community Fund and as long as we continue to run the scheme.

  3. You cannot transfer any part of the Grant out of the United Kingdom or Isle of Man (as applicable) or any of your rights under it to any other organisation or person – unless you have our permission, in writing, to work with them to carry out the Project.

  4. We won't accept any changes to these terms and conditions, unless we've agreed them in writing.

  5. Wherever we've mentioned giving notice or telling you something in these terms and conditions, we'll always do this in writing. We prefer to do this by email at the addresses provided in your application, unless the law says we have to do it by post. If we send it by first class post, we'll assume you've got it after two working days. If we do it by email, we'll assume you've got it at the start of the next working day (as long as it hasn't bounced back).

    1. You can write to us at: communityteam@coop.co.uk. If you prefer to send us a letter, or you need to give us official or legal notice, write to the General Counsel, 9th Floor, Co-operative Group Limited, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG; or any other address we may give you, from time to time.
    2. We'll write to you at the email addresses or postal address on your application.
  6. These terms and conditions and the documents we've mentioned in them (including the application) contain everything we've agreed with you about the grant.

  7. If a court decides that part of these terms and conditions aren't enforceable in law, then the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

  8. We can change or vary these terms and conditions by giving you two weeks' notice of the required change or variation.

  9. Your Grant, these terms and conditions and any disputes or claims that have anything to do with them will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. And the courts of England and Wales will have non-exclusive jurisdiction.

Terms & conditions - Copyright © 2022 Co-operative Group Limited.

All rights reserved.