Hints and tips for promoting your Co-op cause

As a Co-op local cause you can boost the amount of money you get by:

  • getting your supporters to join Co-op if they're not already members
  • getting Co-op members in your area to back your cause
  • let people know that just by shopping in your local Co-op they're helping local causes

If you're a Co-op cause

Download our new 'Supported by Co-op Members' images and use them online when you promote your project.

Things to do straight away

  1. Change your email signature to mention you're part of the Co-op fund and that people can support you at
  2. Follow @coopuk on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news and get connected with other causes. You can read about using Twitter and Facebook for non-profits or watch videos about using social media on the Co-op Communities YouTube channel.
  3. Contact your local store and Funeral home - they can help you promote your cause and put you in touch with the Co-op community.
  4. Update your website to tell people you're going to be part of the fund and how they can help - don't forget to add the link to your cause profile page.
  5. Download the Co-op logo - you can use it on anything relating to the fund - read about what you can and can't do with our logo

Things to remember

  1. Tell everyone you know to join Co-op if they're not already members - they can find out about Co-op membership in-store or online at
  2. Tell people to back your cause by phoning up or signing in to their Co-op account.
  3. Let people know how it's going. Use posters or leaflets to give your supporters updates on how much you've raised, thank them and remind them they're helping you when they shop.
  4. Use #TheCoopWay on your social media - this will help spread the word, as other local causes will be using it. We've also got lots of images and banners you can use on your social media to spread the word.

Hints and tips for raising more money

Put posters up at work, your children's school, libraries or anywhere there's a noticeboard - download an A4 poster (also available in A3 size).

Mention the fund once a week during the funding period on your social media, and ask your friends to share it.

Make some leaflets to hand out at any events you're hosting or simply to leave in local shops, pubs or libraries, letting people know how they can help you - download our leaflet template or make your own.

Contact the other local causes in your area - you may be able to join forces to spread the word. You can find out who they are by signing in to your Co-op account or check the noticeboards in your local store.

Contact the local paper to let them know what you're doing and how people can help.