The Co‑op Local Community Fund: Promotional guide for causes

Resources and tips to help:

  • understand what being part of the Local Community Fund means
  • get more supporters and raise as much money as possible
  • let people know about your involvement with the fund

End of round 1 funding

Round 1 finishes on April 8. Our stores will be celebrating and saying thank you to our members and customers on April 19. Round 1 causes can join in the celebrations by:

How the fund works

Every time our members buy Co‑op branded products and services, from buying a loaf of bread to planning a funeral, 1% of their spend goes to a local cause, like yours.

For the 6 months you’re part of the fund the money builds up. Throughout the 6 months, members can choose which cause their contribution goes to.

You’ll receive your funding at the end, if members don't choose a cause during the 6 months we'll share the contribution they've built up equally between the causes in their community.

Read more about the Local Community Fund

How the fund works

Start spreading the news

Getting Co‑op Members and supporters to choose your cause makes a difference to the amount you receive.

We’ll be telling our members about what we're doing:

  • on our website
  • in the press
  • in member emails
  • in our food stores

You should also spread the word yourself.

Spreading the news

1. Become a Co‑op Member

If you’re not a Co‑op Member you can join by signing up on our website at any time.

You can then support your own cause.

Become a member

2. Use the Co‑op logo

You can use the Co‑op logo whenever you share news about your involvement

Download the logo (Co‑op blue version)

Download the logo (white version)

Check the guidelines on how and where the Co‑op logo can be used.

Download the logo guidelines

3. Put up posters in your community

Put posters up in your premises or anywhere you think would help in your local community. Speak to your local Food Store or Funeral home to see if you can put a poster on display.

During the funding period

Download the A3 poster

Download the A4 poster

4. Mention the fund in your newsletter

The sooner you start to spread the word about the fund, the sooner your supporters and Co‑op Members can choose you.

Remember to tell your supporters:

  • to become Co‑op members, if they aren't already
  • to select your cause by signing into their online account at
  • where they can find out more about the fund
  • how, when and where they can get involved if they want to

5. Make leaflets

Hand out leaflets to your supporters. Ask at local shops, schools, libraries and stores if you can leave leaflets for people to pick up.

Remember to include:

  • who you are, what you're doing and how they can get in touch
  • where they can find out more about the fund
  • that if they're a Co‑op member they can support your cause immediately at

We've created a template for you to use ‑ simply add your own text.

Download the A5 leaflet

6. Use social media

Mention your cause on your social media account and get your supporters to share it.

Follow @coopuk to see what the Co‑op community is doing and use the #TheCoopWay hashtag whenever you post about your cause.

Customise your social media profiles

Add a Twibbon to your profile picture so that everyone can see you're part of the fund. Or change your Twitter and Facebook banner and cover images.

During the funding period

'Support us' Twitter header image

'Support us' Facebook cover image

At the end of the funding period

'Thank you' Twitter header image

'Thank you' Facebook cover image

7. Update your email signature

Adding a message or image to your email signature is an easy way to let everyone you write to know about the fund and how to support your cause.

Remember to include:

  • that they can find out more about the fund at
  • that you can support your cause by becoming a Co‑op member

Download the email footer image

8. Get in your local newspaper

Tell your local paper about what you're doing and how people can get involved.

Good times to talk to them are:

  • when the funding round starts
  • when you're paid the money, to say thank you to your supporters
  • when you spend the money or before your event so people can get involved

Co‑op's press team have written a guide to writing a press release.

Download our guide to making the local news

9. Update your website

Add information about the fund to your website.

Remember to include links to and to mention how supporters can back your cause.

Add a banner to your website advertising the fund.

Download the web banner

Meaningful marketing

If we’ve inspired you to promote your cause in new ways, here’s some marketing hints and guides you may find useful.