Ideas to promote your cause

The more members that select your cause and shop with us, the more funding your project will receive.

You should encourage members to select you as their cause by promoting your project online, on social media and in your community.


  • If you have a website add a link to your cause’s unique profile page so members can easily find and select you as their local cause.

  • Read the Co-op logo guidelines and find out how you can use our logo when promoting your cause.

  • Download Co-op logo Blue version

  • Download Co-op logo White version

  • If you have a mailing list, email your supporters asking them to become a Co-op member if they haven’t already.

On social media

  • Follow Co-op on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and connect with other causes:

Co-op’s Twitter page – @coopuk

Co-op’s Facebook page

In your community

  • Get in touch with your local Co-op Food store and funeral home. They will be able to help you promote your cause.

Find your local Co-op Food store

Find your local Co-op Funeralcare Funeral Home

  • Contact your local newspaper to let them know you’re part of the Local Community Fund and how people can help. You can download our letter to editor if you’d like some guidance on what to say.

  • Put up posters at work, community centres, libraries or anywhere there's a public noticeboard.

Download an A4 poster PDF

Download an A3 poster PDF